Have you ever noticed that weight seems to go on easily, but when you’re ready to kick it, it holds on for dear life? It’s those last 10-15lbs that just stick to you like superglue, and no matter what you take, it doesn’t seem to help…

There’s no end to the weight loss supplements available nowadays, but the problem is that many are filled with junk that does more damage than good, not to mention they’re usually not very effective. Yeah, maybe you lose a few pounds here and there, but sustainable weight loss? Not a chance.

And of course, exercise is the #1 recommended thing (alongside a healthy diet) to help you lose weight.

So, what if we told you that you’d never have to look at another weight management supplement again just by swapping out your usual pre-workout for one that fires up your body to maximize fat burn and performance?

We’re giving you an in on the only pre-workout supplement you’ll ever need.

Pre Lab Pro: The Best Pre-Workout For Weight Loss

Pre Lab Pro is a next-generation pre-workout formula designed to maximize your performance in and out of the gym. Combining 13 powerful ingredients, Pre Lab Pro unleashes the greatest muscle and fitness benefits to deliver next-level results.

It delivers:

  • Bigger nitric oxide: Breakthrough 2X turbocharge + afterburn blood flow surge for maximum strength, power, endurance, intensity, and mental clarity.
  • Smarter stimulation: Moderate-dose caffeine plus synergistic L-Theanine and nootropics deliver jitter-free energy, focus, alertness, and motivation.
  • Stronger homeostasis: Supports hydration, electrolytes, stress resistance, and balance to boost performance, accelerate recovery, and maintain peak health.

This pre-workout formula is unlike anything you’ve tried. It’s designed to shatter your limits and help you reach beyond just strength and stamina. It allows you to unleash your inner beast.

You’re getting:

  • Physical & mental energy
  • Peak muscle power & efficiency
  • Extended endurance
  • Laser intensity
  • Calm clarity

And it doesn’t stop there. The Pre Lab Pro® afterburner kicks in to give you a second NO surge that helps you go longer, finish stronger, and get a head start on muscle recovery so you can train like a beast and fully recover for maximum muscle and fitness gains.

It’s the first pre-workout formula stacked with scientifically backed ingredients that work synergistically to complement each other and amplify your results.

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Why Pre-Workouts Work

The use of supplements to boost performance isn’t anything new but is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of more and more formulas designed to improve performance and augment training adaptations.

Of those supplements, there’s one you’ll see scattered on pretty much every shelf: pre-workout. It’s become a fundamental component for nearly all fitness nutrition programs. The goal of any good pre-workout is to put you in the zone, both mentally and physically, to train hard, but when you have a good formula, it does more than that.

They typically contain a blend of ingredients like caffeine, BCAAs, creatine, and β-alanine that work synergistically to enhance certain aspects of training performance and may augment training adaptations when used long-term 1.

When compared with something like a fat burner, a pre-workout isn’t going to be as effective for melting fat and torching calories, but it can do some pretty good damage.

It all depends on the ingredients used in the pre-workout formula, but in general, they’ll help boost exercise performance, thereby bolstering your body’s natural ability to shed weight.

Ingredients Designed To Maximize Weight Loss

RedNite® Red Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder may seem like a pretty obscure ingredient to add to a pre-workout, but there’s a pretty good body of evidence as to why it is.

Beetroot is a rich source of nitrate, and while nitrate itself doesn’t mediate any specific physiological functions, it does help boost the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body 2. NO is a potent vasodilator, meaning it opens up blood vessels to increase blood flow and thus increase nutrient delivery.

But when it comes to red beetroot boosting weight loss, there are two possible mechanisms to look at that both revolve around nitric oxide production.

  1. Studies show that increases in nitric oxide help to improve insulin sensitivity, which subsequently improves blood sugar control 3. As blood sugar imbalances can be a huge impediment to weight loss, improving them may help with weight management.
  2. Additionally, boosting nitric oxide levels help you train harder and longer, thereby enhancing calorie burn, boosting muscle growth, and accelerating weight loss.

Using a nitric oxide rush to push muscles to their limits has been used by athletes for ages, and it’s a highly effective, natural way to maximize performance. Red beetroot powder helps to:

  • Improve neuromuscular performance
  • Reduce fatigue onset
  • Enhance muscle recovery by boosting mitochondrial efficiency
  • Support cardiovascular performance
  • Sharpen cognitive function, boost mental clarity, and improve reaction time

There’s more. Beetroot powder also contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that help mitigate the effects of oxidative stress 2. When the body is in a state of chronic low-grade inflammation, it becomes virtually impossible to lose weight.

Setria Performance Blend® (Glutathione + L-Citrulline)

Glutathione (GSH) and L-citrulline are a power pair designed to maximize and sustain nitric oxide levels for peak power output. L-citrulline converts to L-arginine and nitric oxide, but unlike L-arginine, it bypasses hepatic metabolism and directly boosts NO 4.

Glutathione, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body and functions to upregulate NO-pathways 5 and protect the body from free radicals produced during intense physical activity.

Low glutathione levels may be linked to less fat burning and higher rates of fat storage. There’s an abundance of studies linking fat accumulation and insulin resistance to increased oxidative stress, which suggests that oxidative stress plays an important role in moderating glucose levels and body composition 6. And because GSH is such a powerful radical scavenger, it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

And with L-citrulline, studies find that it not only increases exercise capacity and performance but also influences fat loss. One study found that in obese and diabetic rodents, L-citrulline suppressed appetite and decreased food intake, which resulted in more significant fat loss 7. But it may also help to improve insulin resistance and overeating, which indirectly aid in weight management.

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most popular additions to pre-workout formulas, thanks to its stimulating properties. Because of its ability to block adenosine receptors, it’s usually added to increase alertness, drive focus and concentration, and improve overall performance.

But as a potent central nervous system stimulant, caffeine also helps to mobilize fat stores by increasing levels of circulating catecholamine, specifically epinephrine 8.

Studies find that elevated plasma epinephrine concentrations help stimulate fat metabolism and increase whole-body lipolysis when combined with physical activity 9.

Not only that, but as a potent thermogenic agent, caffeine also helps to stimulate weight loss through thermogenesis (increased body temperature) and fat oxidation while suppressing levels of the hormone leptin 10. One study found that caffeine intake can increase resting metabolic rate by as much as 11% 11!

It’s simple. Better burn = better weight loss.

However, unlike other pre-workout formulas that rely on high-dose caffeine to get the job done, Pre Lab Pro® supplies a moderate-dose stacked with boosters and balancers for maximum workout benefits and minimal side effects.

Honorable Mentions

The three ingredients we’ve just mentioned are your core weight loss components of the best pre-workout, but there are a few others that deserve some attention.

Suntheanine® L-Theanine

L-Theanine is one of the most powerful amino acids for reducing anxiety and triggering calmness, but it may also help to boost weight loss indirectly.

Because it shares structural similarities with the neurotransmitter glutamate—the brain’s most important excitatory neurotransmitter—L-theanine can bind to the same receptors, but L-theanine is inhibitory, meaning it prevents activation of the stress response and has a calming effect 12.

When stress hormones are high, it can be really challenging to lose weight; cortisol basically counteracts weight loss efforts by triggering muscle breakdown and fat storage.

L-theanine is also great for inducing sleep, and we all know that with poor quality sleep, you can throw weight loss out the window.

And combined with low-dose caffeine, L-theanine enhances the effects of caffeine to promote calmer, cleaner stimulation and precision-tuned peak performance.

Ajipure® L-Tyrosine

And last, we get to Ajipure® L-tyrosine to round out Pre Lab Pro as the best pre-workout for weight loss. It’s added for its ability to support synthesis and recycling of the catecholamines most impacted by caffeine—dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine 13.

Because of L-tyrosine’s role in supplying catecholamines and thyroid hormones, which both enhance metabolism and energy production, it may have the potential to boost weight loss.

Regardless, you’re still getting sharper focus under stress and maintenance of neurotransmitters depleted by caffeine and intense training to prevent declines in athletic performance, poor focus, mood issues, crashes, and fatigue.

Final Thoughts

The role of a pre-workout supplement isn’t necessarily to boost weight loss, but when you have a powerful formula that maximizes performance and recovery, you’re also getting ingredients that help to rev metabolism, increase energy output, and thus enhance weight loss.

With Pre Lab Pro, you’re getting all of that in the cleanest, safest, and most powerful pre-workout formula yet. A tailored blend of powerful natural ingredients to push your training and results to a whole new level.

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