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Our Story. So far.

The road to Pre Lab Pro® started in 2015. With the launch of our first nootropic formula.

Mind Lab Pro® proved what was possible using premium quality nootropic ingredients. And quickly became the world's leading brain supplement.

We had successfully out-smarted so-called 'smart drugs' - 100% safely and naturally!

But we didn't stop there.

Pre Lab Pro tube
Our next challenge was to raise the bar.

So we headed back to the lab.

Our aim? To harness the same ground-breaking nutrition technology to develop a clean, powerful and effective pre-workout formula. With no nasty side-effects.

Because we know training can be demanding. Especially with a busy lifestyle.

Sometimes it's an effort just to make it to the gym. Never mind take our 'A' game with us every time.

Cleaner energy. Smarter stimulation.

We set out to create a pre-workout drink that would unlock the body's full mental and physical potential. In every session.

Delivering smooth energy, focus and intensity from start to finish. To make that hour in the gym feel like the best hour of the day.

With no mega-dosing. No tingles. No jitters. No crashes. No sleepless nights, post-workout.

And no compromise on taste.

Pre-workout. Re-imagined.

Pre Lab Pro® v1.0 has been developed with our most demanding customers in mind - us!

Every detail has been forensically researched and rigorously tested. Intelligently designed to power us towards game-changing performance. And next level results.

It's everything we think a pre-workout drink should be.

And we would never use anything else.

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