Have you ever walked into the gym totally beat and had to drag yourself through your workout? Or maybe you’re so exhausted for your 6 am session that you barely have the strength to lift the bar, never mind actually move some weight.

Training is a challenge, and when you’re trying to maximize your gains, hitting the gym with a tank at zero isn’t an option.

It’s why pre-workout supplements were invented. But when it comes to most pre-workout supplements, the reality is that they actually end up doing more damage than good, which means scrapping them may be the safest option.

So, what’re you to do when you’re just not feeling like a lift, or you’re in need of a little extra something to crank your workout up a notch?

We’re always looking for that one thing that can supercharge our workouts and take them to an entirely new level.

There’s no end to the products available that can help you work harder and make better gains, but if you’re looking for the newest kid on the block that’s guaranteed to turn up your performance, we have something for you.

It’s called RedNite® Beetroot Powder, and it’s taking the pre-workout world by storm.

What is RedNite® Beetroot Powder?

Beets have been consumed by several cultures around the world for centuries because of their hugely invigorating properties. Not only do they offer an abundance of nutrients, but they’re also a rich natural dietary source of nitrate—the precursor to nitric oxide.

And if you ask any bodybuilder, athlete, or casual gym-goer about NO, they’ll know. It’s what gives you that infamous “muscle pump” that all lifters strive for.

So, what is RedNite® Beetroot Powder?

It’s the ultimate performance enhancer.

RedNite® is an ultramodern standardized 25x concentrated beetroot extract that unleashes a nitric oxide rush designed to turbocharge workout performance.

It’s the first beetroot powder clinically proven to improve muscle firing rates in trained athletes, enhance neuromuscular efficiency, reduce fatigue, boost stamina, and improve endurance.

Nitrate derived from beetroot has been proven to dilate blood vessels and maintain healthy blood pressure, as well as maintain optimal health and naturally boost energy levels.

And because dietary nitrate is converted to nitric oxide once consumed, it also reduces oxygen requirements to working muscles during physical activity, further boosting performance.

Standardized to supply 1.5-2.75% natural nitrate, RedNite® is the best beetroot extract for boosting nitric oxide levels to:

  • Improve neuromuscular performance — A fitness advantage, especially in strength training
  • Enhance fatigue resistance — Reduces aerobic cost of exercise and provides more muscle power with the same oxygen content
  • Increases muscle energy — Helps fuel and boost muscle cells’ mitochondria for greater energy efficiency
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular performance — Supports overall cardiovascular function and heart health
  • Sharpens cognitive function — Shown to help mental clarity and reaction time during exercise

Beyond nitrate, RedNite® also supplies betalains—antioxidant compounds with muscle-soothing and protective properties that may assist with comfort and recovery after exercise.

But RedNite® is more than your average beet juice. It supplies:

  • 25x more nitrate than beetroot
  • 10x more antioxidants

It’s the ultimate pump for nitric oxide levels to boost and sustain maximum performance.

How Much Nitrate Is In Red Beetroot?

When it comes to the exact amount of nitrate in beets, you’re going to find significant variability depending on what you’re taking. Powder is a more concentrated source of dietary nitrate, whereas juice is more readily accessible.

Studies indicate that per kg of beets, you’re looking at about 1459mg of nitrate 1. However, you also have to keep in mind that nitrate concentration is influenced by environmental, agricultural, and genetic factors, especially humidity, temperature, water content, and exposure to sunlight.

With RedNite® in Pre Lab Pro®, you’re getting a whopping 1500mg per serving for maximum benefits and maximum performance. It’s the cleanest, most potent source of dietary nitrate you’ll find, and the results speak for themselves.

How Nitric Oxide Can Turbocharge Your Workout

We’ve always focused on nitric oxide being another ingredient in supplements, but we never stop to question where it actually comes from. It turns out that naturally supercharging NO levels have been beneath our nose for ages—in beetroot.

Dietary (inorganic) nitrate has powerful vascular effects that come from the ‘nitrate‐nitrite‐nitric oxide (NO) pathway’ 1.

It has been shown to have several beneficial effects, including reducing blood pressure, inhibiting platelet aggregation, improving endothelial dysfunction, and enhancing exercise performance.

And we all know that nitric oxide has long been used for boosting exercise performance due to its potent vasodilation effects and enhancing blood flow.

In the presence of NO, blood vessels relax and dilate, which means the blood can flow more easily and thus reduce blood pressure. Because nitric oxide is a gas, it can easily diffuse through cellular membranes and elicit some powerful physiological effects.

Nitric oxide can be produced in the body in 3 ways 2:

  1. Secreted by endothelial cells of blood vessels
  2. Converted by oral bacteria from dietary nitrates
  3. Created by bacteria on the skin through sunlight exposure

For athletes, nitric oxide’s big role is to regulate oxygen delivery to working muscles, which is done by stimulating vasodilation. Better blood flow translates into not only lower blood pressure, but also a decreased demand on the heart and skeletal muscles, all resulting in a bigger and better pump.

Better blood flow also supports a muscles’ ability to contract and transport metabolic waste like lactic acid, so better clearance means longer work duration and increased time to fatigue.

And if that wasn’t enough, nitric oxide also acts as a powerful antioxidant to neutralize harmful free radicals 3. Since high-intensity exercise induces the formation of free radicals, high antioxidant status is critical to eliminating ROS and keeping the body protected from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

But what’s interesting is that beetroot, as a natural source of nitrate, has shown some outstanding results for boosting NO levels and enhancing performance.

One of the fundamental principles of exercise physiology is that the oxygen cost can be predicted by looking at submaximal work rate during exercise.

A 2007 study looked at the effects of 3 days of nitrate supplementation via sodium nitrate on exercise performance and found that it actually reduced oxygen consumption during submaximal exercise working at 45–80% of peak power 4.

The results suggested that supplementing with nitrate results in greater exercise efficiency and reduced oxygen cost. Another study found similar results showing that nitrate supplementation decreased maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) 5.

Here’s more proof:

  • A 2009 study of participants consuming 500ml of beetroot juice for six days reduced O2 uptake during moderate exercise by approximately 19%; it also increased time to exhaustion by roughly 16% 6
  • A similar 2010 study using the same dosage found a 20% reduction in oxygen cost as a result of reducing the ATP cost of muscle force production during both low- and high-intensity exercise; results also showed a 16% improvement in time to failure during high-intensity exercise 7
  • A 2010 study using 500ml of beetroot juice for 15 days saw a decrease in steady-state VO2 by approximately 4%, with increases in peak power and work rate 8
  • Even a single dose of beetroot juice is enough to elicit acute improvements in power output by roughly 3% during 4km of 16km cycling 9

And that’s not even all of it. Studies consistently show that beetroot supplementation can reduce oxygen and ATP cost by improving oxidative phosphorylation efficiency 1.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a boost in strength or to enhance your endurance capabilities, RedNite® Beetroot Powder is one of the safest and most effective supplements you can get.

But when you combine it with other powerful natural performance-enhancing ingredients, your workouts will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.


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